A Career To Love

When I was in my early 20’s, I was wondering what type of career I would like to get in and stay in. I wanted to find something that I really enjoyed and would work hard at, not just something that I did for a paycheck. I began looking into to several different classes that taught you what you should look into in order to develop a career that would be fulfilling and worth the effort for the skills and background that I had. That career was nursing.

Since I knew I wanted to get into nursing, I had to get the degree that I needed. It was time to start applying to different schools so I could get the education I needed in order to start the career of my dreams.

It was no easy picnic getting nursing degree while I worked as a bartender. I applied myself and studied hard and long. Once I had the degree, I began working in a hospital in my area. The nursing career I had long dreamed of was finally happening, and I was more than happy to begin it.

Learning how to work with the other nurses and doctors was so interesting. I knew my career meant something to a lot of people, and I was able to help them in many ways. This career really made me feel special. With all that I was learning, it made me like it even more to be able to assist those that were in need of help. I took care of all different aged people, and especially loved taking care of the children. My career was really important to me, as well as my boyfriend. We ended up getting married and had two children of our own.

As I pursued my career, I learned even more about people and medicine. It was something really interesting to me, so I pursued my studies even more. When I was completed with all my education, I was able to become a doctor. It took me many years, but I now have my own practice, and I am a pediatric doctor. My career is so rewarding to me, and it has given me a way to make a difference in the world. I would never pick a different career, but always am grateful to have pursued the one that I wanted in the very beginning. A career in medicine made a huge difference in my life.

Getting My Degree Will Help Improve My Life

While doing the laundry one night at a laundry mat, I finally realized I want to go back to school. Lugging my laundry bag back and forth from my studio apartment to the laundry mat has become one of my least favorite chores. I have to wait at the laundry mat while my clothes are being washed because I do not feel comfortable leaving my belongings unattended. I have to bring a book or a magazine, or hope that one of my friends or family members has time to talk to me while my laundry is being washed. I guess because I know that many people have laundry machines in their own home and cleaning their clothes is so much easier than it is for me, I realized that the only way I am ever going to have what they have is to go back to school.

It is funny to thing about how, when, and where some of the most important decisions in life come about. I guess I was just finally tired of doing my laundry at the laundry mat, and I felt like my life was a sequence of events that I really did not look forward to doing. I did not get excited to wake up in the morning to go to my day job. I did not look forward to paying my bills every month. I did not look forward to shopping for groceries or new clothes because I was always worried I would not have enough money to pay my bills at the end of the month.

But suddenly, after making the decision to go back to school to get my degree, I am starting to look forward to my life again. I am starting to realize that I can change the direction of my life. I do not have to keep doing things I do not want to do anymore. I can actually be one of the people who achieve great things and earn a great living. I can finally be a person other people look up to and wish to be more like. I no longer have to be a person that others feel sorry for. I am excited to take control of my life, career path, and salary. Who knows? Maybe I might even decide to open my own company. I just feel really excited and more confident about all aspects of my life.


I could remember very well how my mum used to wake me up very early so that I could not get late for school. She used to drive me to and out of school. Since I was young I always wanted to become a banker. Yes, I wanted to be in place where money is planted and harvested. When I told my mum of what I wanted to be in future, she gave me an assignment of calculating and keeping records of everyday spending. Then, I was in class 4.

My neighbor was working at a private financial institution. Since I was young, I always admired his life style; two cars, a mansion, swimming pool, fish pond among other inspired me to become a banker. He was my role model. I always admired his dressing code, black shoe and black suit with a tie.

After my primary education, I joined a private high school. I was doing well in class especially in Mathematics and Business classes. I could attend various mathematics quizzes at different schools. In form three I had more than 10 certificates in mathematics and business studies. I made sure that I did not miss any business trip.

In form three, during my second holiday, my mum lose her job and she told me that she could not afford to pay my school fee and accommodation thus in second term i was going to transfer to a public day school. I felt like the world was unfair to me, ‘’how was I going to manage in a day school? Has my dream of becoming a banker comes to an end?’’ I asked myself. At this time I was the one who was leading form three. At the beginning of third term, my mum escorted me to take my transfer letter. The principal could not figure it out that I was going to do my exams elsewhere. He volunteers to pay part of my fee until i sit for my exams. I was indeed so happy.

When form four results came out, I was the first in our school. After two months I received an admission letter at Harvard University to pursue a bachelor degree in commerce. I was hopeless as my mum could not afford the fee. How happy was i when the principal informed me that i was given a scholarship from government to pursue in my degree.

Why an Education Is Helping My Career

My name is Sandra Estudillo and I am excited to be able to further my education so that I can become a teacher. As a 15 year old new mother in Mexico, I had to drop out of high school to become a waitress at a small diner to provide for my son Juan. I yearned to be a teacher as it had been my dream for many years, but I could not afford the cost of tuition.

When I was 21 years old, a missionary from the United States named Gina came into my diner and I waited on her. She became a regular and we became friends. She helped me to find the best way to accomplish my dream of becoming a teacher. My first task was to get my high school transcripts together so that I could see what my grade point average was. Gina advised me to complete GED classes online and then I would be able to travel to California to take the test.

I studied for almost a year for the test because I was working 60 hour work weeks while also caring for my son Juan. It was very difficult to get back into studying. I knew that it would pay off for me in the end, but I had issues with my level of concentration.

I traveled to San Diego to take my GED test. I was so nervous that day that I broke 5 pencils within the first 30 minutes of the exam. In the end, I passed and was able to earn my GED. After this, Gina helped me to be able to fill out college applications to several colleges in California.

I knew I would have to get family student housing as well as a scholarship and a job on campus to support my son. Gina was able to help me get everything organized so that I could use my own life’s experience to secure scholarship opportunities.

In September, I will be a freshman at UCLA. I am excited to be able to come to the United States with my son so that I can enhance my career and start over once again. I believe that other people can benefit from hearing my story. In life, if you get knocked down, you need to get back up. Education can increase your income and fulfill your dreams in the best ways possible.

Welding School to Advance My Career

Being stuck in one dead-end job to another was becoming a bit rough for me. I was never making enough money and could never seem to make ends meet, let alone put money aside for a future. Because of the issues I was having, I made the decision to go back to school for welding. The fact that there are many ways to go to welding school in Houston for yourself made me consider this is a viable option for my future.

One of the most impressive things I found when it came to welding would be the welders salary. I never knew that they made that much money and could easily begin in the field making more than I ever have in my entire life. This is one of the main reasons I decided to get into the field and begin looking for a school that was right for me.

The right welding training Pennsylvania classes could easily teach me all that I needed to know to begin my career and make this a complete possibility for myself. Going to school seems to be something that will fit into my budget, and this is something that also had me thinking that going back to school was the right decision for me to make. I need to stabilize my career a bit and I know that this is the way for me to do that.

One of the most important things about going to school would be the welding classes in underwater training. I know that this is something that will help me to make a salary that I have never even dreamed of in the past, and going for the right training will fully prepare me for what it is that I am going to need. I have told many of my friends and coworkers about my decision to go into welding, and it has been something that even other people are interested in for themselves.

When you make an I Have A Plan Iowa – Career Profile, you will find that it is simple to begin looking for classes the same way that I have in the past. I was able to sign up for classes that were close to my home and fit into both my budget and schedule. This is going to be a major change for me, but I know it is going to be a positive one.